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TV Crews & Work Permits, Driver's licences

TV Crews & Work Permits, Driver's licences

The issue of  drivers licenses for foreign nationals stationed in Israel has been updated. According to the regulations foreign journalists will now fall into in the same category as foreign diplomats and consular staffers, the UN, staffers of the International Monetary Fund and the International Development Bank. 


According to regulation (takana) 216 of the Transportation Regulations, a foreign journalist may from now on take his/her national driving license and passport containing a valid B1 Visa to the licensing office and ask for conversion ON THE SPOT. NB. Your B1 visa should still be valid for three months at least when applying for the conversion.  The entire cost should not exceed NIS.100. The license is valid for one year.  We anticipate that plastic license cards will be issued instead of the paper license in the coming months.

Current regulations require foreign nationals to obtain an Israeli driver's licence.

Please note:

*Regarding insurance, it is the responsibility of the driver to coordinate with his insurance company / car rental company that he/she is fully insured when using a foreign license.

*This announcement does not apply if the license was issued by a country that does not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

 TV crews and work permits - Foreign TV companies are permitted to bring in their own TV crews provided they use a local crew from time to time.