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FPA News

The FPA wishes members, friends and colleagues a happy Passover, Easter and a peaceful and enjoyable spring break. The FPA office will be closed until April 22nd.
Former FPA chairman and TIME correspondent Robert Slater passed away in Jerusalem this morning after a long illness. See "Former Chairmen"
An AP cameraman "encouraged" to leave the site of a demonstration by shooting at his car at the entrance to the Aida refugee camp yesterday. See "Statements"
The FPA protests multiple SMS and emailed threats made to foreign journalists and demands the Hamas takes steps to stop this.
The well known veteran Dutch correspondent Adriaan Bloemendaal passed away in Tel Aviv yesterday. See "In Memoriam" as he is remembered by his friends.
Photojournalists from Reuters and AP injured by border police at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem this evening.
The FPA condemns the violent and unprofessional behavior of an Israeli policeman during disturbances on Feb. 28 in East Jerusalem
Newly arrived correspondents - useful pointers. NB The regulations re drivers licenses for foreign journalists based in Israel are about to change. Members will be updated as soon as we have some clarity.
The FPA replies to the IDF response re Qualandia events on 29th November. See Statements
The FPA strongly protests last Friday's attempt by the IDF forces to clear Qalandia of photojournalists by firing rubber bullets and stun grenades directly at them. See Statements.
The FPA deplores the closure of Al Arabiyeh's offices in Gaza by Hamas.
The FPA protests unacceptable behavior by the border police against journalists on assignment yet again
FPA members congratulated on receiving Overseas Press Club photography awards for 2012
Unwanted photojournalists, this time at Qalandia Crossing Saturday March 30th. See "Statements"
This past Saturday Hizmeh junction near Jerusalem was the conflict zone - against the photojournalists again ! See Statements.
Saturday showdown, this time in the South Hebron Hills. Photographers not welcome !
Journalists get in the way of security again, this time in Burin.
The FPA yet again calls on Israel refrain from barring access to news worthy events by manhandling journalists. See "Statements"
For regional updates on safety issues see Bulletin Board

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Useful Contacts


State President’s Office 02-6707211
Spokesperson: Ayelet Frish 02-6707251, 0506 205111
Asst. Spks. Meital Jaslovitz 02-6707223, 0504 205230
Foreign Press Coordinator: Yair Zivan 0523 450061

Knesset Spokesman Yotam Yair : 02-6753444 0506 230007

Prime Minister’s Office: media@pmo.gov.il  www.pmo.gov.il

List of Ministries and relevant Ministers: 

Foreign Press Spokesman: Mark Regev 02-6705354, 0506 203264
Markr@pmo.gov.il  Fax: 02-6705394

Senior Foreign Press Coordinator: David Baker 050-6205061

Ministry of Defense Communications 03 6975750
Head of International Media Department:
Yaacov Havakook , 03-6975339, 0506 299349
Spokesperson: Joshua Hantman 03 6977808 0544 848438 dover@mod.gov.il 

Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

Press Section: 02 5303343, Fax 02-53033408
Spokesman: Yigal Palmor 0506 203277

Deputy Spokespersons International Media:
Paul Hirschson 0506 203096

Ilana Stein 0506 203118 Ilana.stein@mfa.gov.il  

Director Arabic media: 02 5303352
Lior Ben-Dor 0506203398   bendor@mfa.gov.il  
Adel Hino 02-5303201, 0506 203746  Hino.adel@mfa.gov.il

Press Section Admin 02-5303343, Fax: 02-5303408
Visiting Media Delegations 02-5303336
Galit Laroche  galit.laroche@mfa.gov.il

Government Press Office:
Director: Nitzan Chen 0506 236213
Assistant Director: Dr. Hila Tal 02 5007507, 0506 205199
Foreign Press Dept:
Permanent Media 02-5007516 Fax: 02-6257886

Liaison Visiting Media 02-5007514
Fax: 02-6235897

Economic Press Coordinator: Ron Paz 02 5007517 ron.paz@press.pmo.gov.il

Acting Head English News Department:
Andy Luterman 02-5007524, 0506 205432  gponews@netvision.net.il   
Senior Editor: Efraim Roseman 02-5007512, 0506 205442  efraim@press.pmo.gov.il

Arabic Press Dept:
Dr. Fawaz Kamal 02-5007504, 0506 205427
Roula Manassa Basal 02-5007506, 0506 205380 roula@press.pmo.gov.il

GPO Photo Dept. 02-5007526/7 Fax: 02-6241407 gpophoto@press.pmo.gov.il

Chief Censor: Lt. Col. Sima Waknin Gil: 057 8189051
General office exchange: 03-7605800/1
Designated fax to submit articles: 03 7605879

IDF Spokesman: 02 5485800
Head of Foreign Media Branch Peter Lerner 03-6080517

International News Desk 03-6080245
Twitter: @IDF Spokesperson
U Tube: youtube.com/idfnadesk
Blog: idfspokesperson.com
Facebook: Israel Defense Forces

Foreign Press Branch Media Desks (media requests, queries)
JCS, 206 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem 91342…. 02 5485800 Fax: 02-5485825

North America Media Desk 02-5485806
Capt. Eytan Buchman 057 8178874

European Desk 02-5485804
Capt. Arye Sharuz Shalicar 052 9457410

Latin America & Asia 02 5485800
Capt. Ronnie Kaplan 057 8105428

Arab Media Desk 02-5485802
Maj. Avichay Adraee 052 9454973

Russian Desk 02 5485803
Capt. Anna Ukolov 057 8162279

New Media Desk ………………………….. 03-6080541
Lt. Sacha Dratwa…………………………….057 8180273

IDF Spokesman:Israel Defense ForcesTelephone: +972-3-6080245IDF Official Website: www.idf.il/English

IDF Spokesperson's Twitter: www.twitter.com/IDFSpokesperson IDF Spokesperson's Blog: www.IDFSpokesperson.com

IDF Spokesperson's YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/IDFNADesk

COGAT Coordinator of Activities
in the Territories:

Spokesman: Maj. Guy Inbar 0506 234053
03-6977611/0 Fax: 03-6977674

Gaza Coordination & Liaison Admin. 08-6741415, Fax: 08-6741625
Lt. Shir Mishali 0505 246417

Erez Crossing (Gaza) 08-6741418
Shlomo Saban 0546 622607

Israel Police Headquarters:
Foreign Press Spokesman: 02-5428190
Insp. Mickey Rosenfeld 0506 275870
Fax: 02 5429666 Beeper 6106666 / 55385

Israel Airports Authority www.iaa.gov.il  
Spokesperson: 03 9710575
Fax 03-9721722
Liza Dvir lizad@iaa.gov.il

Ben Gurion Airport Security: 03-9752250 Fax: 03-9752260
Duty Officer (security) 03-9752253
Ben Gurion Airport Police: 03-9715444, Fax: 03-9715450
Foreign Ministry Representative at Ben Gurion Airport
Hanoch Shemtov (08:30 – 23:00 only) 0506 203679

Customs and VAT Spokesperson: Idit Lev-Zerahia 02-6664117
doveret@taxes.mf.gov.il dover@customs.mof.gov.il
Tax Authority Website http://ozar.mof.gov.il/customs/eng/mainpage.htm

Israel Broadcasting Authority 1599 509-510

IBA NEWS (English) 02-5302229 englishradio@iba.org.il  
NEWS (Hebrew): 02-5383311 02-5313200 Radio1@iba.org.il  
NEWS (Arabic): 02-5302505 radioarab@iba.org.il  

IDF Radio: 03-5126261, 03-5126767
News: 03-6814136

Channel Two TV: 02-6556222
Channel Two TV Archive: 02-5339900 rikuz@cha2news.tv  
Channel Ten TV: 03-7331600, Fax: 03-7331666
www.10.tv  news10@10.tv

Haaretz: 03-5121798 www.haaretz.com  
Jerusalem Post 02-5315666 www.jpost.com  
Jerusalem Report 02-5315440
Y-net 03-6932424 http://www.ynetnews.com/home/0,7340,L-3082,00.html  news@y-i.co.il
Israel Hayom http://www.israelhayom.com




President’s Office Ramallah

President Mahmoud Abbas: 02-2959928/81370,Fax 02-2963179
Assistant Intisar: 059-9657234

Chief of Staff: Dr. Hussein Al-Araj
02 –2959928 ext. 248
Spokesperson: Nabeel Abu Rudaynah 02-2959928 ext. 105

Chief of Presidential Protocol, Hussein Hussein: 02 2950770 0599696204 Fax: 022969740

President’s Press Office,Mohammed Odwan 0599764488


Prime Minister and Minister of Finance: Tel: 02 2968989, Fax: 2950981

Director General of PM’s Office:
Muhannad Jarrad Tel: 02 2950978, 0599111981 Fax: 2950981 pm@pmo.gov.ps

Cabinet Secretary 02 2950979
Dr. Naim Abu Hommos 0599 205590, 02 2969775 nhommos@pmo.gov.ps

Political Adviser: Jamal Zakout 0599 408500 zakout.jamal@gmail.com

Government Media Center:
Nour Odeh Spokesperson, 0595677522 nour@pgmc.ps Tel: 02 2954064, Fax: 02 2954035

Foreign Affairs:
Minister Dr. Riyad Almalki 059 8675675
Director of Media Unit Hassan Balawi, 0595 404777 hbalawi@mofa-gov.ps


Head of PLO Negotiations, Dr. Sa’eb Erekat: 02-2963743, 0599 919299

Communications Department International Media:
Xavier Abu Eid 0598 950300 xabueid@nad-nsu.ps http://www.nad-plo.org/

PLO Culture & Information: Hanan Ashrawi, 02 5851842 info@miftah.org


PLO Jerusalem Affairs: Ahmad Qrei’a 0599 642666
Tel: 02 2790666, 02 24240521

PLC Secretary General: Ibrahim Khreisha 0599 566317


Palestinian Broadcasting Corp.Director Riad al Hassan 0599 605522
Tel: 02 2959891

PR Director, Palestine Media Center, Mohammed Mar'i 0599767611, 0569767611
02- 2407721/2
info@pmcc-rm.com pmc@palestine-pmc.com

WAFA, Pal. News Agency, Riyad Al-Hassan 0599 605522
Chief Editor Ali Hussein 0599 403213

Islamic Affairs:
Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein,0505748584
Tel: 02-6260042 Fax: 6262495

Islamic WAQF: 02 6281222


Prime Minister’s Office media.pm@gov.ps

Taher al-Nono, Spokesman 0599 401337 taher211@hotmail.com

Interior Ministry, Director of Media Department: Ihab Al-Ghussien ihab@moi.gov.ps
pr@moi.gov.ps info@moi.gov.ps

Minister of Telecommunications: Dr. Yousef Al Mansi 08 2829400, 08-2828065, Fax: 08-2889704 gmo@gov.ps





Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel
04-9501610, www.adalah.org
LAW: Tel: 02-5833430, Fax: 02-5833317, law@lawsociety.org
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights:http://wwwmezan.org/en/ info@mezan.org
B’Tselem, Sarit Michaeli:050-5387230 saritm@btselem.org
Musaawa – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession 02 2424870 www.musawa.ps
PHRMG, (Human Rights Monitoring Grp.)
Physicians for Human Rights: Tel: 03-6873718, Fax: 03-6873029
Palestinian Center for Human Rights: info@pchrgaza.org



Tel Aviv University: http://english.tau.ac.il/
Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University, Prof. Asher Sussar: 03-6409100
Institute for National Security Studies: Director, Amos Yadlin, 03-6400401 03 5765733 www.inss.org.il
Ben Gurion University: www.bgu.ac.il
University of Haifa, Communications Dept. Polina Petruhin + 972-4-8288722 | +972-54-3933092
Hebrew University Jerusalem: www.huji.ac.il
H.U. Foreign Press Liaison 02-5882904/11 jerryb@savion.huji.ac.il
Interdisciplinary Center Hertzlia www.idc.ac.il
Institute for Policy and Strategy, 09-9527389 ips@ac.il
Global Research in International Affairs, Tel:09-9602736l.
Al-Quds University, 02 6287517 www.jerusalem.studies.alquds.edu
Bir Zeit University, 02 2982198 http://mdc.birzeit.edu



Israel Peace Initiative http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_Peace_Initiative
Minds of Peace http://mondsofpeace.org
Peace Child Israel www.mideastweb.org/peacechild
Givat Haviva Center for Peace www.givathaviva.org.il
Ir Amim, http://www.ir-amim.org.il/eng
Institute for Contemporary Affairs, 02-5619281 www.jcpa.org
Israel-Asia Center www.israelasiacenter.org
Israel Resource News Agency, 02-6236368, media@actcom.co.il
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies JIMS, 02-5611689
www.jims-israel.org contact@jims-israel.org
MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Institute, Washington: (202)9559070, www.memri.org www.memritv.org
MIFTAH: Tel: 02-5851842, http://www.miftah.org
Palestinian Media Watch: reports@pmw.org.il www.pmw.org.il

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, 02-6282323, latinpat@actcom.co.il
World Council of Churches, 054-7379766; media@wcc-coe.org

Delegation of the European Union 03 6000906 www.eeas.europa.eu/delegations/israel

UNICEF, 074-7034449 www.unicef.org.il
UNRWA, 059-9428008, unrwa-pio@unrwa.org
UNSCO - 02 568 7289 www.unco.org




Committee to Protect Journalists: media@cpj.org
International Federation of Journalists: ifj@ifj.org
International News Safety Institute: sarah.dejong@newssafety.org
International Press Institute: ipi@freemedia.at
Reporters Without Borders www.rsf.org
Middle East Desk: moyen-orient@rsf.org






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