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FPA News

The FPA will host the Director General of the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday July 21st. Entrance by prior registration only.
Israel MFA decides to withdraw much-criticised cartoon that denigrated foreign press coverage of last Gaza war.
The FPA protests a foreign ministry video ridiculing foreign media reporting on Gaza last summer.
FPA members win awards and citations for reporting on last year's war in Gaza
CPJ report "Attacks on the Press" released today
The FPA condemns in the strongest terms the abusive behavior of Israeli security forces toward photographers covering the weekly protest in Nebi Salah last Friday
The FPA Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday April 26th with guest speaker Dr. Saeb Erekat. A new Chairman and Board have duly been elected.
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Veteran FPA member Heidi Levine wins prestigious photojournalism award
The FPA responds to FM accusations of aiding terrorism.
The FPA strongly protests against recent incidents of Border Police deliberately obstructing journalists in the field, firing stun grenades and firing rubber bullets at journalists.
The repeated assaults by IDF forces on camera crews out on assignment covering protests in Hebron is totally unacceptable.
The FPA protests Hamas attempts to actively intervene or direct reporting by visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.
See special offers to foreign correspondents by Service Providers
The FPA strongly condemns official and unofficial incitement against journalists covering the current warfare.
Deliberate violence and intimidation against professional journalists carrying out their work anywhere is totally unacceptable.

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Useful Contacts


State President, Mr. Shimon Peres 

Spokesperson: Ayelet Frish: 02-6707251  050-6235555

Assistant: Meital Jaslovitz :  02- 6707223  0504 205230
Foreign Press Coordinator: Yair Zivan 0523 450061

Prime Minister’s Office: media@it.pmo.gov.il     www.pmo.gov.il  

Foreign Media Spokesman:  Mark Regev 050 6203264   
Office: 02-6705354, Fax: 02-6705394   mark.regev@pmo.gov.il  

Foreign Press Coordinator: David Baker:  0506 205061 

Office: 02-6705465, Fax: 02-5669245   davidb@pmo.gov.il
Cabinet Secretary:
  02-6705532, 050-6205190

Ministry of Defense 
03-6975750, Fax:03-6916940 mediasar@mod.gov.il 

Head of International Media Dept. Yaacov Havakook. 03 6975339, 0506 299349

Spokesperson Joshua Hantman  03 6977808 0544 848438  dover@mod.gov.il


Ministry for Foreign Affairs: www.mfa.gov.il
Press Section  Admin:     02-5303343, fax: 02-5303408

Spokesman:YigalPalmor 0506203277 palmor.yigal@mfa.gov.il 

Deputy: Paul Hirshson 0506 203096 paulh@mfa.gov.il
Deputy: Ilana Stein     0506 203118  ilana.stein@mfa.gov.il
Arabic Media: Lior Ben Dor  0506203398  bendor@mfa.gov.il
                       Adel Hino 0506203746 hino.adel@mfa.gov.il
Visiting Media Delegations:  02 5303336
Galit Laroche galit.laroche@mfa.gov.il

Government Press Office:  02-5007516 Fax: 02 6257886
Nitzan Chen, Director of the Government Press Office  0506 236213
Dr. Hila Tal, Senior Assistant to the Director, 02-5007507, 050-6205199
Economic Press Coordinator: Ron Paz 02 5007517, 0525 795756 

Foreign Press Department
Coordinator for Visiting Delegations 050-6205288, Sharon@press.pmo.gov.il  

Arabic Press Department
Dr. Fawaz Kamal, Director of the Arabic Press Department, 02-5007504, 050-6205427, fawaz@press.pmo.gov.il  
Roula Manassa-Basal – Branch Head, Arabic Press Department, 02-5007506, 050-6205380, roula@press.pmo.gov.il  , 02-6233036 (fax)

English News Department
Andy Luterman, Acting Department Head, 02-5007524, 050-6205432, gponews@netvision.net.il  
Efraim Roseman, Senior English Editor, 02-5007512, efraimr@press.pmo.gov.il  
02-62233388 (fax)

Chief Censor Lt. Col. Sima Waknin Gil  057 8189051
General Office exchange:03-7605800/1, Designated Fax to submit articles: 03-7605879

IDFSpokesman: Head of Foreign Press Branch: Lt. Col. Peter Lerner 0529 452966 Twitter: https://twitter.com/LTCPeterLerner    Office: 02-5485800 Fax: 02-5485825 News Desk 03-6080245   Head of European Desk: Major Arye Shalicar 0529 457410  Head of North America Desk: Captain Eytan Buchman 0529 433584 Head of Arabic Desk: Major Avichay Adree 0529 454973 Head of Russian Desk: Captain Anna Ukolov 0529 207469 Head of Latin American  & Pacific Desk: Captain Roni Kaplan 0529 207464 


IDF Official Website: www.idf.il/English

IDF Spokesperson's Twitter: www.twitter.com/IDFSpokesperson

IDF Spokesperson's Blog: www.IDFSpokesperson.com

IDF Spokesperson's YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/IDFNADesk                    


Coordinator of  Government Activities in the Territories: COGAT 03-6977611, Fax: 02-6977674  

Maj.Guy Inbar: 0506 234053 cogatspokesman@gmail.com
Health OPS Capt. Amir Koren 0506 234081
Gaza DCO, LT. Shir Mishali 0505 246417 08-6741415, Fax: 08-6741625,
Erez Crossing                                       08-6741418,
Erez :Shlomo Saban                              054-6622607

Israel Police Headquarters:                   
Foreign Media Spokesman:                  02-5428190
Insp. Mickey Rosenfeld                         0506 275870 Beeper 6106666/55385

Israel Airport Authority: www.iaa.gov.il 03-9710575, Fax 03-9721722

Spokesperson:  dover_iaa@iaa.gov.il   lizad@iaa.gov.il  
Ben Gurion Airport Security  03-9752250, Fax: 03-9752260
Duty Officer 03 9752253
Airport Duty Officer ( Security)             03-9756111  
Foreign Ministry Rep at Airport: 
Hanoch Shemtov 0506 203679 (from 08.30am to 23.00 only!)
Customs and VAT: 02- 6664117 
Spokesperson: Idit Lev Zarhiya              050-5294309 doveret@taxes.mf.gov.il
Tax Authority http://ozar.mof.gov.il/customs/eng/mainpage.htm
President & PLO Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas:

Ramallah 02-2409642/34, Fax 02-2409648

Assistant Intisar 059-9657234
Presidential HQ Mukataa 
Ramallah 02-2981370-5

Prime Minister Salam Fayad
Ramallah 02-2950970-3/7, Fax 02-2950975/79
Cabinet Secretary, 
Ramallah 02-2950977-8/985, Fax 02-2950983-4
PLO Executive Committee Member: 
Ramallah 02-2986465, 02-2981031, Fax: 02-2954043; 059-434055
PNC Speaker: 
Gaza 08-2824489/5941, Fax: 08-2824164
President’s office Secretary General, Tayyeb Abdul Rahim: 
Gaza 08-2824171, Fax 08-2824604
Presidential Advisor Nabil Abu Rudaineh:
Ramallah 02-2981370-7, Fax: 02-2963303, 08-2822365 
PLC Speaker: 
Ramallah 02-2987716, 02-2959595, Fax: 02-2987712

Head of PLO Negotiations, Dr. Sa’eb Erekat:
02-2322304, 059-675999

Minister of Foreign Affairs 
Gaza 08-2867334, 059-606000 
Minister of Inernational Cooperation,
02-2967423, 050-5246112, 059-9246112

Minister of Finance, 059-9411392

Minister of Justice 
Gaza 08-2836993/ 08-2822927,  Fax 08-2829286/197

Ministry of Information,
02-2322304, 059-9370590 
Jerusalem Affairs, 
Tel /Fax: 02-6282159, pij@palnet.com 
Political Commissioner for Jerusalem Affairs, Prof. Sari Nusseibeh: 
 02-6281822, 02-6274335.

Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri:  Tel/Fax: 02-6260582

Palestinian Legislator Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, 059-201207

Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation,
Ramallah 02-2959893, Fax: 02-2959894, 059-644222 
Voice of Palestine
02-2959891, 059-544333
Palestine Media Center, 
02- 2407721/2/3/9, 054-4265199 
 info@pmcc-rm.com;  pmc@palestine-pmc.com
WAFA, Pal. News Agency:
02-2980115, 08-2824056

PHRMG, (Human Rights Monitoring Grp.) Bassem Eid:  02-5823372/3.




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