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The FPA will host senior Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett on November 14th. Our next guest in early December will be leader of the Yesh Atid party Yair Lapid.
The FPA calls on the PMO to apologise for the profiling and body search of an accredited AP producer this morning.
The FPA opposes Hamas restrictions on journalists
Upcoming events: The FPA will host the CIS, Commanders for Israel's Security, on June 28th. FPA members only, registration by email.
The FPA wishes our Moslem members, friends and colleagues Ramadan Mubarak with peace, harmony and joy.
The FPA protests demand for body search of respected photojournalist by Prime Minister's security detail this morning.
The FPA calls on Hamas to allow unfettered access in and out of Gaza.
Hamas demanding exorbitant licensing fees for foreign media armoured cars in Gaza.
Congratulations to FPA members on their newest publications
The FPA strongly protests the detention of Washington Post correspondent William Booth at the Damascus Gate today
The FPA responds to an invite by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence subcommittee hearing on media bias
Israeli border police officers physically assaulted several members of the international press, as they attempted to cover clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli forces at Beit El, near Ramallah.
FPA press event with Fatah Central Committee member and the head of PECDAR Mohammed Shtayyieh has been postponed.
The FPA deplores the violation of press privileges by unauthorised persons and imposters.
Border Police push TV cameraman and proceed to kick him in the face and head as he lies on the ground protecting his camera.
The FPA issues a statement and travel warning

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2005 Statements



The FPA would like to protest against the continuing restriction being placed on its members with Israeli i.d. to Gaza via the Erez crossing.

Its has been ten days since the restriction was imposed and this represents a significant infringement of our member's ability to do their work.

Access to Gaza remains a crucial part of our membership's coverage of the story, and this continuing restriction is harmful.

Our members are intimately familiar that they enter Gaza at their own risk and their signing of waiver forms proves this beyond question.

We urge the Israeli authorities to lift this restriction.

The Board of  the Foreign Press Association
7 December 2005.

The FPA strongly protests the arrest and detention of Al Jazeera cameraman Nabil Mazzawi at Bila'in.


According to the information at our disposal he was arrested while carrying out his professional duties.


We therefore view his detention as totally unwarranted and request his immediate release as well as an investigation into his detention.


The FPA will follow the matter closely.




The Board of the Foreign Press Association


4th November 2005 

The Foreign Press Association wishes to condemn the latest kidnapping of two journalists in the Gaza Strip.

It urges all who have influence in this area to do all they can to bring about the journalists immediate release.

This is not the first incident of its kind and the FPA repeats its dismay and outrage at the totally unwarranted detention of members of the Free Press during the pursuit of their professional duties.

We demand that the relevant authorities, whoever they may be, do all they can to make sure this never happens again.

The Board of the Foreign Press Association


12th October 2005




The Foreign Press Association wishes to appeal against the IDF spokesperson’s recent announcement concerning the prohibition on “permanent residents” entering the Gaza Strip. The FPA has many members who have dual citizenship and who frequently visit Gaza in the course of their work as professional journalists. 

At this important time in Gaza it is crucial that these members are allowed to gain access. Our members are fully familiar with the environment inside Gaza   and the FPA feels it should be left to the individual journalist to assess the risks involved.

The FPA urges the Israeli authorities to reconsider this decision at the earliest opportunity, as there are important events and developments unfolding inside Gaza now which require coverage!   

The Board of the Foreign Press Association 
14 September, 2005


The FPA wishes to express its outrage at the abduction  of veteran Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi during the course of  conducting his professional duties inside Gaza today. The FPA demands his immediate release and urges all relevant authorities to do all they can to bring this kidnapping to a satistfactory conclusion.  The FPA furthermore urges all parties in in Gaza to unconditionally respect the rights of journalists to conduct their work in safety and condemns in the stongest possible terms this assault on press freedom. 


The FPA Board


10 September 2005



The FPA strongly condemns the kidnapping on Sunday night of sound man Muhammad Ouathi, who was covering events in the Gaza strip for France 3 TV and taken by unknown gunmen. 
The FPA asks the Palestinian Authority to make every effort to ensure his release. The FPA urges journalists working in Gaza to exercise great caution.

The FPA Board

16 August 2005


The board of the FPA protests very strongly at the directive from the Interior Ministry of the Palestinian Authority to the effect that journalists should inform the ministry of any story relating to police or security forces.

This a clear attempt to impose censorship and restrict the freedom of the press and the FPA urges its members to ignore this order.

We hope that this is not an indication of further measures to harass or intimidate journalists by the Palestinian Authority and we will monitor the situation closely.

 The FPA Board
3 August 2005







The board of the FPA strongly protests the de facto  closure of the entire area of Gush Katif to its members today. This occurred while we were being informed that entrance to that area was possible to all journalists bearing a GPO card and having been promised transparency and open coverage of events in this part of the Gaza Strip by several official spokespersons .




The  IDF spokespersons present on the scene were unable to provide adequate solutions to FPA members waiting at the Kissufim crossing and transportation arrived as the story ended.



The footage filmed by the IDF during todays events in Gush Katif cannot be a substitute for material obtained by professional journalists in the field.


The FPA considers this a very worrying precedent and we urge the authorities to continue the ongoing dialogue with us to ensure that such incidents and obstructions do not occur in the future.


The FPA Board

30 June 2005



The board of the FPA is very concerned at comments attributed to Prof. Assa
Kasher in Haaretz newspaper on Monday, June 20.

To accuse foreign journalists of being insensitive to Israeli lives is an
obnoxious slur. We have the same concern for Israeli lives -- and all human
lives -- as anybody else.

Such remarks could only reflect a profound misunderstanding of the foreign
media and the ethics that guide its work.

The Board of the Foreign Press Association
20 June 2005



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