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Job vacancy BBC News Ramallah. For details see Bulletin Board "Services"
The FPA strongly protests unprovoked IDF attack on photojournalists near Nablus yesterday
The FPA sharply denounces Border Police harassment of journalists covering the disturbances at the Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem.
The FPA wishes friends, members and colleagues a very happy and peaceful New Year.
The FPA protests a foreign ministry video ridiculing foreign media reporting on Gaza last summer.
FPA members win awards and citations for reporting on last year's war in Gaza
CPJ report "Attacks on the Press" released today
The FPA condemns in the strongest terms the abusive behavior of Israeli security forces toward photographers covering the weekly protest in Nebi Salah last Friday
Veteran FPA member Heidi Levine wins prestigious photojournalism award
The FPA responds to FM accusations of aiding terrorism.
The FPA strongly protests against recent incidents of Border Police deliberately obstructing journalists in the field, firing stun grenades and firing rubber bullets at journalists.
The repeated assaults by IDF forces on camera crews out on assignment covering protests in Hebron is totally unacceptable.
The FPA protests Hamas attempts to actively intervene or direct reporting by visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.

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Customs and Taxation Requirements



1). The situation, as to the 3 year 25% exemption for foreign journalists, has not changed.

2). Since the attempt, in the "Hok HaHesderim, 2009", to curtail this exemption, and the Knesset Member, Dr. Ahmed TIBI's last minute successful intervention, nothing has changed.

3). The Legal basis remains the same:

(a). Section 2 of the Income Tax Ordiannce (New Version), 1961 – any income derived in Israel, is subject to the Israeli Income Tax.

(b). Section 75A. of that Ordinance – enables the Minister of Finance to grant exemptions from such tax to foreign journalists and foreign sportsmen.

(b). The Income Tax Regulations (Foreign Journalists), 1996 – grants to foreign journalists:

(i). The right to deduct expenses relating to lodging, rent and meals

(ii). A limited tax rate of 25% for a term of 3 years.





The Israel Tax Authority Department of Customs & VAT (http://tinyurl.com/y3jyyn) requests that members of the foreign press make all necessary arrangements for the importing of vehicles into Israel in advance.  

In order to import a vehicle, journalists must possess and present the following:

 Valid working visa (B1) in Israel;

  1. Valid GPO press card;
  2. A letter confirming employment by a foreign media organization;
  3. Document verifying ownership of vehicle or;
  4. Power of attorney from company if vehicle company owned;
  5. Permit from Ministry of Transportation for armored vehicle;

 Customs officials stress that arrangements should be made in advance, preferably coordinated by the GPO.



We have reached an agreement with the customs offices regarding the import and export of TV equipment in and out of Israel:

Each company will provide the customs offices with one of 3 set bank guarantees, according to the various sizes of our companies. The sums are for 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 SHEKELS. These will be renewed yearly (made out to the Customs Office, Tel Aviv-Jaffa) and determined by the customs authorities, together with our customs agents, according to our 2005 customs reports. The customs agents will handle the paperwork and arrange with each individual office to present these guarantees.

This procedure will be reviewed periodically.

Also, it is most important to register equipment going through the bridges and border crossings! Please have your paperwork stamped both going out and coming in and fax it to your customs agent.

The customs offices are relying totally on the customs agents' reports. They will check these reports against their own paperwork but all assessments and monetary claims will be handled through registered customs agents only.

Those members who use different customs agents must contact them to arrange this new procedure with the customs authorities.

We believe this is the simplest, least bureacratic and lightest-on-the pocket arrangement. We hope you feel the same.

Visitors who do not have permanent, registered, offices in Israel will continue to wipe credit cards, as a bond, upon entry into the country.

 31. 7.05

A. The purpose of these procedures is to settle the clearance of communication and photography equipment imported by foreign journalists (hereinafter - "the equipment"), in a way which will allow proper supervision.
B. The equipment may be imported in one of the following ways:
1. As unaccompanied luggage
2. As accompanied luggage
a. By a journalist of an operating news agency registered in Israel.
b. By a free-lance journalist, with no agency in Israel
3. Using an ATA Carnet
C. Equipment Imported as Unaccompanied Luggage listed in the airplane manifest, will be released only according to a conditional exemption import entry, under the importer number of the relevant news agency, and Tariff  Heading 6.6500. The agency must add to the entry a detailed list of the equipment, typed on its official stationery, which includes the value of the
goods and their serial numbers.
D. Equipment Which Was Imported for The First Time as Accompanied Luggage by a Journalist of a foreign news agency registered in Israel
1. At the passenger hall of the Ben Gurion Airport, or at the Land Border Crossing, the journalist must submit a detailed list of the equipment, typed on the official stationery of the agency, that includes the value of the goods and their serial number. The list will be submitted (or photocopied) in triplicate, and will be signed by a customs official. Occasionally, random checks will be conducted to verify that the list and the goods actually imported correspond.
2. The list will be distributed as follows:
a. One copy - will be given to the customs official at the passenger hall of the Ben Gurion Airport or at the land  border crossing and will be forwarded for continued monitoring.
b. The second and third copies will be returned to the journalist. One copy of these copies will remain at the news agency for its own follow-up purposes, and the other copy will be forwarded by the agency to their customs agent for handling. The list approved by Customs will allow entrance of the goods into Israel through the passenger hall of the Ben Gurion Airport or the land border crossing. 
3. On the first of each month, the news agency must submit the import entry for all the goods which were imported in the previous month. The entry will be submitted by a customs agent to the customs house through which the goods were imported. The entry will be a conditional exemption entry and will be classified under Heading 6.6500 to the Annex of the Customs Tariff. These entries will be accompanied by copies of the equipment list that were imported through the same customs house, as detailed in Paragraph 1 above.
E. Equipment imported by a free lancer, with no agency in Israel:
The journalist must release the equipment by depositing a cash or credit card guarantee.
F. All agencies and journalists may release equipment using an ATA Carnet, in accordance to the accepted practice, or by depositing an appropriate guarantee.
G. In any case, import of communication equipment is subject to an authorization from the Ministry of Communication, especially wireless or satellite communication equipment.
PLEASE NOTE: During the disengagement period August 1 - October 1, 2005 the requirement of paragraph G above will not apply.
An authorization from the Ministry of Communication will ONLY be required for a satellite communication van.
H. Export of the Goods
1. When temporarily exporting the equipment abroad, the journalist must obtain from Customs a temporary export form, in order to smooth the return of the equipment to Israel at a later date.
2. As proof of final export of the equipment for closing the monitoring of the conditional exemption entries, an export entry will be used, as usual, or the above mentioned list, whereas the exportation is confirmed by a customs official at the passenger hall of the Ben Gurion Airport or the land border crossing. The passenger hall at the Ben Gurion Airport or the land border crossing will receive a copy of the list at the time of exportation, will confirm that the exportation has taken place and will forward it directly to the Conditional Exemption Unit in Tel Aviv Customs House, which will close the file.
I. Miscellaneous
1. Each news agency will administer, for its own purposes and for Customs, exact supervision and follow-up of the movement of the equipment.
2. When opening the conditional exemption file at the Tel Aviv Customs House, all news agencies will have to deposit a bank guarantee equal to 10% of the taxes.

For further information or clarifications journalists arriving through the Ben Gurion Customs House may contact the following numbers:

Tel: 03 9751139

Link: http://www.mof.gov.il/customs/eng/ForeignReporters26-07-05.htm


We would like to remind all our members, with permanent offices in the country that detailed, typed, lists on company letterhead are essential.

Media that is not represented here permanently is advised to come in with Carnets. Otherwise the customs officials will wipe their credit cards to make sure their equipment leaves as planned.

NB. satellite transmission equipment needs a Ministry of Communications license - in advance.   


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