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The FPA will host senior Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett on November 14th. Our next guest in early December will be leader of the Yesh Atid party Yair Lapid.
The FPA calls on the PMO to apologise for the profiling and body search of an accredited AP producer this morning.
The FPA opposes Hamas restrictions on journalists
Upcoming events: The FPA will host the CIS, Commanders for Israel's Security, on June 28th. FPA members only, registration by email.
The FPA wishes our Moslem members, friends and colleagues Ramadan Mubarak with peace, harmony and joy.
The FPA protests demand for body search of respected photojournalist by Prime Minister's security detail this morning.
The FPA calls on Hamas to allow unfettered access in and out of Gaza.
Hamas demanding exorbitant licensing fees for foreign media armoured cars in Gaza.
Congratulations to FPA members on their newest publications
The FPA strongly protests the detention of Washington Post correspondent William Booth at the Damascus Gate today
The FPA responds to an invite by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence subcommittee hearing on media bias
Israeli border police officers physically assaulted several members of the international press, as they attempted to cover clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli forces at Beit El, near Ramallah.
FPA press event with Fatah Central Committee member and the head of PECDAR Mohammed Shtayyieh has been postponed.
The FPA deplores the violation of press privileges by unauthorised persons and imposters.
Border Police push TV cameraman and proceed to kick him in the face and head as he lies on the ground protecting his camera.
The FPA issues a statement and travel warning

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1.       Photojournalists again win awards  http://www.daysjapan.net/e/award2016/index.html , congratulations to Heidi Levine of SIPA, and to finalists Alaa Badarneh of EPA and award of excellence to Abbas Momani of AFP  http://www.poyi.org/73/R05/ae02.php

Luke Baker for his ebook "Dateline Baghdad" 


3.      Reem Makhoul and Stephen Farrell for the first in a series of children's stories "The Girl who Lost Her Imagination"   


Gali Tibbon one of the winners of the Moscow International Foto Awards - MIFA Photo Awards 2015 


James Rogers formerly of the BBC on the publication of his book "Headlines from the Holy Land"

Sergio Minerbi on the publication of his monumental work on the Minerbi Family in Ravenna Italy dating from a manuscript in 1379. Reseach let to one of the first members of the family Jacov Vita Minerbi circa 1704 - 1796. An Italian sculptor Arrigo Minerbi was a distinguished member of the family.



Heidi Levine of SIPA PRESS is the recipient of two awards received this Saturday in Bayeux, France:
'For the photography category, the international jury of the Bayeux-Calvados' 22nd edition chose a report on Gaza by Sipa Press' Heidi Levine. Levine also took home the audience award for her "sober, ultra-effective and beautiful" project, as jury chair Carlotta Gall of the New York Times described it.

Martin Fletcher's newest novel is now on sale The War Reporter

The latest newly updated edition of Paul Danahar's "The New Middle East" is available as of July 16th.

Yehuda Avner and  Matt Rees' new book, "The Ambassador" came out in September - a spellbinding "what-if", the way only Matt Rees and the late Yehuda Avner could write it. 

The late Robert Slater's book "Rabin 20 years after" was launched on Tuesday June 30th. 

To DanièleKriegel whose new book hits the bookshops in France.. La moustache de Staline by Danièle Kriegel (Enderlin)


To Ruth Kinet on the publication of her book "Israel a Country Portrait" 

To Willy Lindwer for his documentary "Rebellious City" about Amsterdam and the roaring sixties

To Muhammed Muheisen on his appointment as AP's chief Mideast photographer

To Dan Balilty on the opening of his exhibition of artistic photos in Tel Aviv yesterday.

Congratulations to Martin Fletcher and colleagues of NBC News Tel Aviv who won Sigma Delta Chi for its Gaza coverage.

AP photographer Khalil Hamra for winning the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award for Breaking News Photography for his coverage of last year’s Gaza war, “Wounded in Gaza.”

Emily Harris, Ahmed Abu Hamda and Abu Bakr Bashir
of NPR for the Lowell Thomas Award citation on " War in Gaza."

Nick Schifrin and his crew of Al Jazeera America's "Conflict in Gaza", they won the David Kaplan Award for best TV news reporting from abroad.



Congratulations to veteran FPA member Dr. Sebastian Engelbrecht on the publication of his book in Germany Beste Freunde

Congratulations to veteran FPA member photojournalist Heidi Levine  on being named the inaugural winner of the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award by the IWMF.

Congratulations to Richard Oestermann on the publication of his book "Me and the Middle East" now available from
Gefen Publishing  and from AMAZON  


 Paul Danahar's update of "The New Middle East" is now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.


THE crime fiction and thriller podcast with Matt Rees | MATT ... www.mattrees.net/podcast/ Award-winning crime novelist Matt Rees reads a FREE thriller novel, and also gives writing tips for thrillers and crime fiction.


Congratulations to John Lyons for his new documentary ‘Stone Cold Justice’ about Israel’s military justice system which recently aired on ABC Australia's prestigous "Four Corners" program.

Congratulations to long-time FPA member and former board member MARK LAVIE on the publication of his book " Broken Spring" based on his two years of reporting in Cairo. Made up of 40 short chapters looking into what happened to Arab Spring and why, life in Egypt, similar developments in the region and Israel's role. The book has been published by Gefen Publishing House and is available through Amazon and other portals as a paperback or an e-book.  Mark is available for interviews or further information at +972 52 7212143

Congratulations and good luck to CHARLES ENDERLIN on  the completion of his TV documentary movie which follows the book with the same title : " Au nom du Temple", " In the Name of the Temple". The movie has been nominated for the important French TV festival FIGRA to be held towards the end of this month. The first 3 minutes can be seen on their site.

Congratualtions to David Landau on the publication of his book  'Arik: The Life of Ariel Sharon' 

First up for congratulations this year is Dan Williams on the publication of his masterful mystery on Kindle Strip Mine: A Jody Moore Thriller available from Amazon . 


To Simcha Jacobovici on winning the Gold Dolphin Award in the category of “Science and Information” at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards for the documentary “The Resurrection Tomb Mystery”

To Martin Fletcher on the publication of his book  "Jacob's Oath" in New York today 

To Paul  Danahar, Paul Wood and Richard Colebourn  and the BBC Middle East team on winning the 34th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Award for their coverage of  Syria  in the category of : OUTSTANDING CONTINUING COVERAGE OF A NEWS STORY IN A REGULARLY SCHEDULED NEWSCAST   

To Kevin Peraino on the publication of his book on President Lincoln in the World: The Making of a Statesman and the Dawn of American Power

To Paul Danahar on the publication of his book  "The New Middle East: The World After the Arab Spring"  Listen to a live discussion with Paul on current  mideast affairs. Follow on Twitter   

Congratulations to Rina Castelnuovo of the New York Times on the exhibition of her work in New York In July: "Bereaved" covering the parents circle families forum - "They are Palestinians and they are Israelis. They have lost their sisters and brothers and children, lost them in terror attacks, clashes suicide bombings and military service."

David Rubinger's   photography  "My Eye on Israel" now available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes. Books must be read on an iOS device

Overseas Press Club Annual Awards for 2012 go to - Oded Balilty of AP, best feature photography award published in any medium on an international theme for " An Ultra orthodox Wedding"
Bernat Armangue of AP, best photographic reporting from abroad in newspapers or news services for "Conflict in Gaza".

Gold Sony Radio Academy Awards for reporting on the bombardment of Homs go to Paul Wood and Richard Colebourn

Silver Sony award for radio journalist of the year to Jon Donnison with editor Paul Danahar and producers Hamada Abu Qammar and Rushdi Abualouf for their Gaza coverage. Twitter:  Paul DanaharRushdi AbualoufJon Donnison

Simcha Jacobovici for his film “Tales from the Organ Trade” directed by Ric Eshter Bienstock and co-produced with Felix Golubev that has just premiered in Canada at the Hot Docs Film Festival, and has also won Best Documentary in New Zealand in the Documentary Edge Festival 2013, and has been nominated in the Milan Film Festival. http://www.talesfromtheorgantrade.com/

VisionTV in Canada will present the world premiere of Martin Himel's " JEW BASHING: THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM," a 4-part series from award-winning filmmaker and veteran war correspondent Martin Himel. Martin and his team went undercover to get influential politicians, clerics, journalists, and academics to talk about their hatred of Jews. He investigated and penetrated Anti-Zionist movements, white supremacist groups, and militant Islamic movements, exposing and capturing on camera anti-Semitism as viewers have never seen it before. 


Matt Rees and Matthew Kalman http://www.deltafourth.com/ for their latest "hot on the kindle" http://www.mattrees.net/2013/03/17/meet-nutanyahu-d4s-new-ebook-shows-why-israeli-pm-wants-to-fail/#comment-42743

Marco Longari for being chosen by TIME as best photographer on the wire services for 2012 http://lightbox.time.com/2012/12/20/marco-longari-time-picks-2012s-best-photographer-on-the-wires/#1

Matthew Kalman and Matt Rees - who have started an alternative news venture called DeltaFourth -- combining the ethos of Delta Force and the Fourth Estate. Their first publication is a short book called THE MURDER OF YASSER ARAFAT: Polonium Politics in Palestine.
DeltaFourth reveals for the first time the murderous story behind the death of the historic controversial Palestinian leader, uncovering a plot that reached to his inner circle. The style is hard-hitting and hardboiled. There are more short books soon to follow. http://www.deltafourth.com/about-deltafourth/ http://www.deltafourth.com/


Mike Widlanski on the publication of his book " Battle for our Minds

In addition on April 25th Lulu Navarro of NPR will receive the Overseas Press Club Lowell Thomas Award.

Henrique Cymerman on receiving the Daniel Pearl Award for 2012. The award given by the ADL, is named after Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was abducted and killed in Pakistan in Feb. 1, 2002 while pursuing a story about international terrorism. www.danielpearl.org  


Veteran journalist Matt Rees, who has been called “the Dashiell Hammett of Palestine” (L’Express) argues that much news coverage of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere can’t convey the full impact of events. That’s particularly true, he says, in Syria, where the demonstrations and government violence take place largely out of sight of journalists.
This short story is Rees' answer to his readers: " I also wanted them to have the opportunity to see events in the form of fiction, which I believe can have a deep emotional impact.”

Diaa Hadid of the Associated Press won a Foreign Correspondent Citation by B’nai B’rith for her June 18, 2011, article on the Jewish community and Dar al-Bishi synagogue in Tripoli during the Libyan revolution. So did Jana Beris (Jerozolimski), editor of the Uruguayan Jewish weekly newspaper Semanario Hebreo, for her March 21, 2011, interview with Natan Sharansky.


Tim Butcher has done it again with his latest book on Africa. This time following in the footsteps of Graham Green "Chasing the Devil, The Search for Africa's Fighting Spirit" is the story of his 350 mile trek through Sierra Leone and Liberia, using the device of travel to unravel the turbulent history of West Africa. Adventure. `Chasing The Devil'   and his No 1 best-seller, `Blood River

To Charles Enderlin on the publication of his new book "Un enfant est mort. Netzarim. 30 septembre. 2000

Bob Slater on the publication of his new book " Seizing Power: The Grab for Global Oil Wealth"

Karim Lebhour on the publication of his new book " Quiet Days in Gaza", http://www.riveneuve.com/recits_chroniques.php

Osama Silwadi on the forthcoming publication of his book on Jerusalem and on recieving an Award in Doha recently. See Lens: Despair and Joy Among the Palestinians by Rina Castelnuovo on the wheelchair bound photographer who was injured some years ago by a militia firing on a demonstration in Ramallah. Osama today runs a photo agency.

David Rubinger of TIME on his photo-bio "Israel through my lens-60 years as photojournalist" now launched in German in Berlin. Originally published by Abbeville in NY in English, it was then published by "Keter" in Hebrew and now in its third language. David also opened the Goldman-Rubinger exhibition in Munich at the beginning of April. See photo exhibits from a recent exhibition in Paris: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/205/17/0

Dr. Ben Segenreich of Austrian radio and TV, on receiving the " Silver Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria" The Austrian Embassy wrote inter alia:"Der Österreichische Botschafter würdigte in seiner Laudatio den langjährigen professionellen und couragierten journalistischen Einsatz für eine objektive und aktuelle Berichterstattung aus einer der Krisenregionen der Welt durch den erfahrenen TV-, Radio- und Printjournalisten: "Dr. Ben Segenreich ist heute für viele Österreicher zum bekanntesten österreichischen Gesicht und zur vertrautesten österreichischen Stimme in Israel geworden", und, so der Botschafter weiter, "zu einem Anker für aktuelle, ausgewogene Informationen aus einem Land, das stets im Brennpunkt der internationalen Medienberichterstattung steht". www.aussenministerium.at/telaviv

Stephen Farrell of the New York Times on the publication of his book "Hamas; The Islamic Resistance Movement"
"Dubbed terrorists by the West for its horrific suicide bombings Hamas stunned the world when it won one of the only free elections in the Arab world. In this fast paced and clear headed narrative, Farrell and Milton-Edwards blend frontline reportage with deep historical insight to tell a compelling tale of how a quadriplegic visionary with no formal clerical training led a band of lay preachers to found on of  the most powerful Islamic movements in the Middle East."
James Hider, ME bureau chief of The Times. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hamas-Resistance-Movement-Beverley-Milton-Edwards/dp/0745642969/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1270974287&sr=1-1
See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy--_NU99lI  

Photojournalists Kevin Frayer, Mohammed Muheisen, Nasser Shiyouki, Khalil Hamra and Adel Hanna all of The Associated Press for prizes awarded in various categories by the National Headliner Awards of the U.S http://www.nationalheadlinerawards.com/Winners2010Print.html

Rina Castelnuovo on the NPPA Best of Photojournalism - that is the National Press Photographers' Association who won the Overseas Press Club Award for the best photographic reporting from abroad in newspapers in a series called "Leaving Gaza. for 2006.

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