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The FPA protests demand for body search of respected photojournalist by Prime Minister's security detail this morning.
The FPA calls on Hamas to allow unfettered access in and out of Gaza.
Hamas demanding exorbitant licensing fees for foreign media armoured cars in Gaza.
Congratulations to FPA members on their newest publications
The FPA strongly protests the detention of Washington Post correspondent William Booth at the Damascus Gate today
The FPA responds to an invite by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence subcommittee hearing on media bias
Israeli border police officers physically assaulted several members of the international press, as they attempted to cover clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli forces at Beit El, near Ramallah.
FPA press event with Fatah Central Committee member and the head of PECDAR Mohammed Shtayyieh has been postponed.
The FPA deplores the violation of press privileges by unauthorised persons and imposters.
Border Police push TV cameraman and proceed to kick him in the face and head as he lies on the ground protecting his camera.
The FPA issues a statement and travel warning
Job vacancy BBC News Ramallah. For details see Bulletin Board "Services"
The FPA strongly protests unprovoked IDF attack on photojournalists near Nablus yesterday
The FPA sharply denounces Border Police harassment of journalists covering the disturbances at the Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem.
The FPA wishes friends, members and colleagues a very happy and peaceful New Year.
The FPA protests a foreign ministry video ridiculing foreign media reporting on Gaza last summer.
FPA members win awards and citations for reporting on last year's war in Gaza
CPJ report "Attacks on the Press" released today
The FPA condemns in the strongest terms the abusive behavior of Israeli security forces toward photographers covering the weekly protest in Nebi Salah last Friday
Veteran FPA member Heidi Levine wins prestigious photojournalism award
The FPA responds to FM accusations of aiding terrorism.
The FPA strongly protests against recent incidents of Border Police deliberately obstructing journalists in the field, firing stun grenades and firing rubber bullets at journalists.
The repeated assaults by IDF forces on camera crews out on assignment covering protests in Hebron is totally unacceptable.
The FPA protests Hamas attempts to actively intervene or direct reporting by visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.

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CPJ publication New York, April 27, 2015-Terrorist groups and the governments who purport to fight them have made recent years the most dangerous period to be a journalist, the Committee to Protect Journalists found in its annual global assessment of press freedom, Attacks on the Press, released today .

HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT TRAINING: Our 4 day (8-12:30) Hostile Environment Course in English can equip journalists with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in high-risk conditions. This course has operational elements, due to the frequent killing of hostages in the Middle East. Topics: Preventative security- survival principles in a combat zone; First aid- focusing on trauma; Krav Maga- learn to neutralize an opponent for escape; Hostage Training- learn to function if taken hostage. Kfar Saba Shooting Range.
For more information: rockypsych@gmail.com 054-3131865
Instructors: Rocky Abramson- a psychologist who served as both a combatant and a psychologist in Special Forces and the Hostage Negotiating Team. Lonny Luxenburg is a paramedic and martial arts expert with combat proven experience as a paramedic.

Max Security Solutions (Est.1996) provides comprehensive security and risk management solutions for the corporate, official, and private sectors. Max's goal is to enable business continuity in the world’s volatile operating environments via proactive, client-tailored security measures including Intelligence Assessments, Travel Security, Security Consulting, Ground Support and professional Security Training. Max Security is headed by a multi-national staff of security professionals, wielding extensive experience from projects around the globe. With  regional offices and a global network of vetted partners, Max is proud have provided support to clients in over 50 countries.
Max has experience in providing services to journalists, including support in volatile situations such as Political unrest, Natural disasters and Military/Security engagements. For more information:
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CPJ RELEASES JOURNALIST SECURITY HANDBOOK New York, October 29, 2003—The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released an updated version of its journalist security handbook, titled “On Assignment: A Guide to Reporting in Dangerous Situations.” This new edition, which is available in hard copy and online (click here:
http://www.cpj.org/Briefings/2003/safety/journo_safe_guide.pdf ), draws on lessons learned in the war in Iraq and includes advice on coping with the sustained risks that so many local journalists and their families confront on a daily basis.


The International Federation of Journalists Safety Manual 
The IFJ Checklist before you set out  - A list of information sources which should cover the following areas: Climate, Geography, Political Situation, Ethnic and Religious Tensions, Medical Intelligence (i.e. prevalence of diseases). The Following sources will provide a general outline of the current situation on countries worldwide:

http://www.janes.com/ (Global Risk Center)

NBC ITEMS FOR USE IN CONFLICT ZONES  (Nuclear Biological Chemical) protective gear kit includes gas mask, suit, gloves, shoes, extra filter and decontamination powder, all contained in a small carry bag.

The Full Face Gas mask: This is a Panoramic mask so the journalist can see well and have clear vision. This mask protects against all NBC threats and comes with one filter.

The Filter: excellent made to protect against all known NBC agents.

The NBC suit: Simple suit easily worn over existing clothes, affords protection for 6 hours in a chemical environment. If not exposed to NBC environment it can be used repeatedly and is good for many years.

The NBC cover shoes: complete the suit can be worn over existing shoes.

The NBC Gloves: come with cotton inner gloves under the rubber gloves.

The decontamination powder: to use over areas of the body that have been covered by NBC agents in order to help decontaminate the area.

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