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The repeated assaults by IDF forces on camera crews out on assignment covering protests in Hebron is totally unacceptable.
AP video cameraman Simone Camilli who died in Beit Lahiya in Gaza on August 13 was laid to rest in Italy this afternoon.
The FPA protests Hamas attempts to actively intervene or direct reporting by visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.
See special offers to foreign correspondents by Service Providers
The FPA strongly condemns official and unofficial incitement against journalists covering the current warfare.
The FPA wishes members, friends and colleagues Ramadan Kareem.
Deliberate violence and intimidation against professional journalists carrying out their work anywhere is totally unacceptable.
A change in policy appears to be the reason for unprecedented aggressive behaviour by the authorities against journalists covering demonstrations in Jerusalem
The FPA condemns the violent attack on journalists in the Ramallah environs and demands that steps be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.
The FPA has a new chairman and Board.
Former FPA chairman and TIME correspondent Robert Slater passed away in Jerusalem this morning after a long illness. See "Former Chairmen"
An AP cameraman "encouraged" to leave the site of a demonstration by shooting at his car at the entrance to the Aida refugee camp yesterday. See "Statements"
The FPA protests multiple SMS and emailed threats made to foreign journalists and demands the Hamas takes steps to stop this.
The well known veteran Dutch correspondent Adriaan Bloemendaal passed away in Tel Aviv yesterday. See "In Memoriam" as he is remembered by his friends.
Photojournalists from Reuters and AP injured by border police at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem this evening.
The FPA condemns the violent and unprofessional behavior of an Israeli policeman during disturbances on Feb. 28 in East Jerusalem
Newly arrived correspondents - useful pointers. NB The regulations re drivers licenses for foreign journalists based in Israel are about to change. Members will be updated as soon as we have some clarity.
The FPA replies to the IDF response re Qualandia events on 29th November. See Statements
The FPA strongly protests last Friday's attempt by the IDF forces to clear Qalandia of photojournalists by firing rubber bullets and stun grenades directly at them. See Statements.
The FPA deplores the closure of Al Arabiyeh's offices in Gaza by Hamas.
The FPA protests unacceptable behavior by the border police against journalists on assignment yet again
FPA members congratulated on receiving Overseas Press Club photography awards for 2012
Unwanted photojournalists, this time at Qalandia Crossing Saturday March 30th. See "Statements"
This past Saturday Hizmeh junction near Jerusalem was the conflict zone - against the photojournalists again ! See Statements.
Saturday showdown, this time in the South Hebron Hills. Photographers not welcome !
Journalists get in the way of security again, this time in Burin.
The FPA yet again calls on Israel refrain from barring access to news worthy events by manhandling journalists. See "Statements"
For regional updates on safety issues see Bulletin Board

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FPA Members / Media organizations
FPA Members / Media Organizations



La Nacion: Jana Beris
Ambito Financiero: Daniel Blumenthal


ABC News: Matt Brown
The Australian: John Lyons



Austrian Press Agency: Ulrich Sahm
Der Standard, Vienna: Ben Segenreich
Die Presse: Susanne Knaul
Kleine Zeitung Graz: Charles Landsmann
ORF Austrian TV & Radio: Ben Segenreich
Salzburger Nachrichten: Gil Yaron




De Finansiele Tijd: Simone Korkus
Le Soir, Le Vif-L’Express: Maurice Sarfatti
VRT – Vlaamse Radio & TV: Prof. Marcel (Uri) Kupferschmidt




Globo TV Brazil:
Record TV: Michel Gawendo, Herbert Moraes


CBC TV News: Sasa Petricic, Derek Stoffel, Samer Shalabi

Global TV Canada: Martin Himel
The Globe and Mail: Patrick Martin (Roving correspondent)
Zoomermedia: Simcha




Xinhua News Agency: Zhiwang Yang, Bureau Chief, Li Rui and Fahdi Arouri photographers
Chinese Central TV News : Stephanie L. Freid



El Tiempo: Jana Beris




Aller Press Copenhagen: Richard Oestermann

Danish Broadcasting: 


MBC TV/ Alarabiya News: Dr. Nabil Khatib ( Dubai) , Nidal Hassan ( Bureau Chief )




Arbetarbladet Helsinki: Semy Kahan
Demari: Semy Kahan
ILKKA: Semy Kahan
Kaleva: Semy Kahan
Kainuun Sanomat: Semy Kahan
Lapin Kansa: Semy Kahan
Osterbottens Tidning: Semy Kahan
Pohjolan Sanomat: Semy Kahan

Savon sanomat
Turun Sanomat
TV7 Finland: Jonathan Hessen




Agence France Presse: Philippe Agret (Bureau Chief), Hazel Ward ( Deputy Bureau Chief)
Agence France Presse: Photos: Thomas Coex, ( Chief of Photography) Yoav Lemmer (AFP TV).
France 2 TV: Charles Enderlin (Bureau Chief)
La Voix du Luxembourg: Maurice Sarfatti
La Voix du Nord: Maurice Sarfatti
Le Figaro: Adrien Jaulmes
Le Point: Danielle Kriegel

Radio France: Sebastien Laugenie
Radio France International: Murielle Paradon, Blumenthal (Spanish), Elias Zananiri
Sipa Press: Heidi Levine
TF1: Patrick Fandio (Bureau Chief)




ARD German Public Radio: Torsten Teichmann (Bureau Chief), Christian Wagner.
ARD German TV: Richard C. Schneider (Bureau Chief)
, Markus Rosch Correspondent
AFP German Services: Clemens Wortmann
Badische Zeitung: Inge Guenther
Berliner Zeitung: Inge Guenther
Der Spiegel: Julia Amalia Heyer
Der Tagesspiegel: Charles Landsmann
Deutche Welle: Tania Kraemer
Die Rheinpfalz: Charles Landsmann
Die Tageszeitung, Berlin: Susanne Knaul
Die Welt, Berlin: Ben Segenreich
Die Zeit: Gisela Dachs
DPA: Sara Lemel (Bureau Chief)
EPA : Jim Hollander
Frankfurter Allgemeine: Hans Christian Rőssler
Frankfurter Rundschau: Inge Guenther
Hannoversche Allgemeine: Ulrich Sahm
KEP: Johannes Gerloff
KNA (Catholic News Agency): Ulrich Sahm
n-tv: Ulrich Sahm
NRZ: Ulrich Sahm
Rheinische Post: Charles Landsmann, Dr. Gil Yaron
RUFA: Gil Yaron
RTL Germany: Raschel Blufarb, Josef Shufani
Stuttgarter Zeitung: Inge Guenther
Suddeutsche Zeitung: Dr. Peter Münch
Suedkurier, Konstanz: Charles Landsmann
WAZ: Dr. Gil Yaron
ZDF German TV: Christian Sievers ( Bureau Chief), Ahmad Mashal.




ANSA Italian News Agency: Massimo Lomonaco, Aldo Baquis
Corriere Della Sera: Davide Frattini
Il Sole 24 Ore: Sergio Minerbi
La Repubblica: Fabio Scuto

La Stampa, Maurizio Molinari
Radio 24, Milan: Sergio Minerbi
RAI Radio & TV: Claudio Pagliara (Bureau Chief)




Jiji Press: Mai Asami
KYODO News: Okada Takashi (Bureau Chief)
NHK Japanese TV: Kohei Tsuji

Nikkei Shimbun: Shinya Oshino
The Asahi Shimbun: Yukie Yamao
The Mainichi Newspapers:  Tomoko Ohji
Yomiuri Shimbun: Hiromi Uechi



El Universal: Jana Beris
Grupo Radio Centro: Daniel Blumenthal




Karmel Israel-Nytt: Vidar Norberg
Norge IDAG, Bergen: Richard Oestermann




Al Jazeera Sattelite Network: Walid Al Omary (Bureau Chief)
Al Jazeera International:



SIC TV: Henrique Cymerman



Russia Today: Paula Slier



The Scotsman: Ben Lynfield



eTV: Paula Slier
Radio 702 – Paula Slier
The Independent: Paula Slier




Agencia EFE: Javier Martin
Antena –3 Spain: Henrique Cymerman
La Razón: Jana Beris
Onda Cero, Spain: Jana Beris
Radio COPE, Spain: Daniel Blumenthal
RNE: Miguel Molleda
TVE Spain: Yolanda Alvarez
Zoom News: Daniel Blumenthal




Expressen Stockholm: Arne Lapidus
Snabbnytt: Semy Kahan




Berner Zeitung, Bern: Charles Landsmann
Nachrichten aus Israel: Zvi Lidar
Neue Zurcher Zeitung: Monika Bolliger
Swiss Radio International: Jacques Ungar
Tachles, Zurich: Jacques Ungar
Weltwoche: Pierre Heumann



BNR News Radio: Willy Lindwer
De Telegraaf: Ralph Dekkers
De Volkskrant 
NRC Handelsblad: Leonie van Nierop
NCRV : Adi Tal
NOS Radio & TV: Monica van Hoogstraten
Reformatorisch Dagblad: Alfred Muller
RTL 4 Nederland: Roel Geeraedts


 Anadolu Agency: Taner Aydin




BBC News: +9722-5374199
BBC Arabic: Eman Eriqat
BBC Arabic News: Muhannad Alami, Senior Producer
ITN: Yaara Burgul
IHS Jane’s: Mohammed Najib
Sky News: +9722-5000510
The Daily Telegraph: Robert Tait
The Economist: David Landau, Nicolas Pelham
The Guardian:

Financial Times: John Reed
The Independent, London: 
The Scotsman: Ben Lynfield
The Sun, London: Jim Lederman
The Sunday Times: Uzi Mahnaimi 




ABC News: Alexander Marquardt (Bureau Chief) Al Jazeera USA: Nock Schifrin
The Associated Press: (wires) Dan Perry (Bureau Chief), News Editor Joe Federman, Aron Heller
AP Photos: Dusan Vranic 
APTN: (Senior Producer)
Bloomberg News: Gwen Ackerman (Bureau Chief)
CBN News: Chris Mitchell (Bureau Chief)
CBS Radio: Robert Berger
Christian Science Monitor: Christa Case Bryant 
CNN: Ben Wiedeman, Michael Schwartz, Kareem Khadder.
CNN en Español: Daniel Blumenthal (freelance reporter)
CNS News: Julie Stahl
Defense News Media Group: Barbara Opall-Rome
Fox News: Conor Powell
Getty Images News Services: 
Jewish Standard: Dianna Lerner
Los Angeles Times:
National Public Radio: Emily Harris
NBC News - TV: Paul Goldman, Lawahez Jabari.
New York Times: Jodi Rudoren (Bureau Chief)
PC World Communications: Ian Paul
Radio Marti: Daniel Blumenthal

Reuters News: Luke Baker (Bureau Chief)
Reuters Picture Desk: (Chief of Photography)
Reuters TV:

The Media Line: Linda Gradstein,  Felice Friedson, Michael Friedson, Linda Gradstein
The Wall Street Journal: Nick Casey
Time Magazine: Karl Vick, Aharon Klein.
United Press International: Debbie Hill
Voice of America: Scott Bobb (Bureau Chief) Khalil Assali (Radio SAWA)
Washington Post: William Booth
WBBM Radio: Jay Bushinsky


Vietnam News Agency: Hoan Bui Quang

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