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The FPA wishes members, friends and colleagues a happy Passover, Easter and a peaceful and enjoyable spring break. The FPA office will be closed until April 22nd.
Former FPA chairman and TIME correspondent Robert Slater passed away in Jerusalem this morning after a long illness. See "Former Chairmen"
An AP cameraman "encouraged" to leave the site of a demonstration by shooting at his car at the entrance to the Aida refugee camp yesterday. See "Statements"
The FPA protests multiple SMS and emailed threats made to foreign journalists and demands the Hamas takes steps to stop this.
The well known veteran Dutch correspondent Adriaan Bloemendaal passed away in Tel Aviv yesterday. See "In Memoriam" as he is remembered by his friends.
Photojournalists from Reuters and AP injured by border police at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem this evening.
The FPA condemns the violent and unprofessional behavior of an Israeli policeman during disturbances on Feb. 28 in East Jerusalem
Newly arrived correspondents - useful pointers. NB The regulations re drivers licenses for foreign journalists based in Israel are about to change. Members will be updated as soon as we have some clarity.
The FPA replies to the IDF response re Qualandia events on 29th November. See Statements
The FPA strongly protests last Friday's attempt by the IDF forces to clear Qalandia of photojournalists by firing rubber bullets and stun grenades directly at them. See Statements.
The FPA deplores the closure of Al Arabiyeh's offices in Gaza by Hamas.
The FPA protests unacceptable behavior by the border police against journalists on assignment yet again
FPA members congratulated on receiving Overseas Press Club photography awards for 2012
Unwanted photojournalists, this time at Qalandia Crossing Saturday March 30th. See "Statements"
This past Saturday Hizmeh junction near Jerusalem was the conflict zone - against the photojournalists again ! See Statements.
Saturday showdown, this time in the South Hebron Hills. Photographers not welcome !
Journalists get in the way of security again, this time in Burin.
The FPA yet again calls on Israel refrain from barring access to news worthy events by manhandling journalists. See "Statements"
For regional updates on safety issues see Bulletin Board

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